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In Kasa25, we want you to be up to date with all the latest news, advice and tourism attractions. That's why we have launched our blog to keep you informed about everything.

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In Kasa25, we are in love with Alicante. The city is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean and has a unique light all year round, as well as an incomparable climate.

Alicante, offers everything you need for your holiday or business visit: shops, establishments, office spaces, congresses and events, beach, leisure, airport, tramways, suburban trains, medium and long distance, culture, history and much more!

We would like you to come and visit Alicante with us, whatever the time of year, the city welcomes visitors in a friendly and welcoming way.

In our apartments, perfectly connected and close to the main tourist attractions, you will be able to discover this incredible enclave, situated in the purest Mediterranean.

Visit Postiguet Beach, San Juan Beach, climb up to the Santa Barbara's Castle  and contemplate the incredible views that can be seen from there, stroll through the Esplanade  or go shopping to Maisonnave Avenue.In addition, Alicante offers a wide range of gastronomic and traditional dishes for the most exquisite palates: a variety of rice, seafood, traditional food...

With Kasa25, we invite you to discover this Mediterranean paradise with us, come and discover with us! We provide you with all the information you need about the city.

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  • The Best 'FREE' Guided Tours to Discover Alicante City

    Alicante Visitas Guiadas Gratis Alicante Free Tours

    In Free Tour Alicante  are specialised in tour guides services, and also it's the only company offering daily walking tours with a free price which the clients decide afterwards.

    Their team is 100% made up of local tourist guides from Alicante, art historians and professionals with extensive training and experience.


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  • What to do to ENJOY 'Hogueras' (Bonfires of St. John) in Alicante? ➜ 2019 Events GUIDE (20-29 June)

    Hogueras Fogueres Alicante Kasa25 Bonfires Schedule Events Programa

    From 20th to 24th june the streets of Alicante city are filled with art, music and colour and on 24 June at night, we celebrate the Cremà (burning of bonfires).

    The Hogueras de San Juan is the city’s most important celebration, beginning on the 20th June and lasting until the 29th with the numerous fireworks shows.

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  • TOP 10 Best Beaches in Alicante ➜ Enjoy the Summer!

    Mejores Playas Alicante Kasa25

    Alicante has a large number of beaches that represent one of its main tourist attractions.

    Year after year they receive the recognition of the European Union with Blue Flags that confer them a deserved international prestige; considering itself the best beaches of the Mediterranean Coast.

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  • TOP 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Alicante City

    Best Indian Restaurants Alicante Kasa25

    Indian cuisine is very varied; it arose as a result of the diversity of cultures that have enriched throughout colonizations over the centuries. Most of the flavors of India are intimately related to the significant use of spices and a wide variety of vegetables.

    Within this general trend there is a huge diversity of local styles. Discover the best Indian restaurants in Alicante below.

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  • TOP 6 World Reference Fertility & Assisted Reproduction Clinics in Alicante

    Mejores Clinicas de Fertilidad Alicante Kasa25

    Spain -and Alicante in particular- are world leaders in the field of Assisted Reproduction Treatments, both for the value of their professionals and for the quality and breadth of services offered along with the standardization of techniques.

    When a couple decides to form their own family and does not get it naturally, they feel frustrated and misunderstood. It is difficult to understand why something as common as the search for pregnancy generates so much suffering. Here we present the 6 best assisted reproduction clinics in Alicante that are also a reference in the whole world.

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  • TOP 10 Best Italian Restaurants & Pizzerias in Alicante

    Best Pizzerias Alicante Italian Restaurants Kasa25

    As in Italy itself, home-style transalpine cuisine and the country of the boot-shape can be enjoyed in Alicante. Something that seems simple but it is not: everything, absolutely everything you can eat in these restaurants is prepared in the bowels of your kitchen, with the good hand and the most traditional Italian preparations.

    Fresh ingredients, typical recipes that surprise from the quality as well as an environment that constitutes a journey in itself. Far from a letter full of manid recipes, delicious homemade pizzas and recurring pasta, some of these restaurants go a little further. A melting point and personality to traditional cuisine.

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  • TOP 10 Best Japanese Restaurants & Sushi Bars in Alicante

    Mejores Restaurantes Japoneses Alicante Kasa25

    Traditional Japanese cuisine is an art without comparison, sushi is an example of it, but you can discover how in Alicante you can also find Japanese avant-garde cuisine restaurants that try to overcome it and even in some aspects they have achieved it.

    Aromas, fusions, sushi and the influences of the chefs trained in the meticulous elaboration of this particular gastronomy, make each bite unique, that is like tasting art masterpiece full of color and flavor. An art that seduces, both the Japanese themselves, and those who are not. Undoubtedly the best Japanese restaurants and sushi-bars  in Alicante will not leave you indifferent.

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  • TOP 10 Best Burger Restaurants in Alicante

    Best Burger Restaurants Alicante Kasa25

    Hamburgers, icons of fast food for decades, have ceased to be -in part- thanks to the work of some establishments that have opted to work as if they were a gourmet dish. This bet has allowed that in many restaurants and bars the main attraction is, precisely, their hamburgers.

    Leaving aside the large fast food chains, you can find fantastic local restaurants in the whole city where you can enjoy a good meat -or a good vegetarian patty- and an excellent bread, accompanied by quality ingredients, delicious sauces and a garnish, mainly french fries, in keeping with the rest of the dish.

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  • Van Gogh will be back to life in September in Alicante | 'The most Visited Exhibition in the World'

    Van Gogh in Alicante Kasa25
    The exhibition, an immersive experience that combines 3,000 moving images, light and music.

    It will be open at the Lonja del Pescado (Exhibitions Hall) from September 13th until December 16th, from Tuesday to Sunday.


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  • Take a Walk through Alicante's Central Market: The Freshest Products

    Mercado Central Alicante Kasa25

    The Central Market of Alicante is a building of eclectic style, with ornaments of the Valencian modernism, of principles of the XXth century, that fulfills the function of municipal market.

    Located on the Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio in Alicante, you will find a wide variety of fish and seafood from nearby waters, as well as a range of local meats and sausages at very reasonable prices. On both floors of the market, there are many stalls dedicated to fruits and vegetables, where you can also buy the famous tomatoes from Alicante. Make a visit to the Central Market to live a sensory experience of smells, images and sounds that will create an indelible memory.


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  • TOP 10 Best Squares for Relax in Alicante

    Plaza Calvo Sotelo Alicante Kasa25 Best Squares

    Alicante as well as for its beaches, gastronomy and good weather throughout the year, stands out for its innumerable squares, excellent for taking a break when your legs begin to weaken after a day of visiting the urban center.

    Here we present a list of the best squares in the city of Alicante to relax under a good shade or drink something in its cozy terraces enjoying the sound of its fountains and the vegetation that surrounds them. Photo: Plaza de Calvo Sotelo (Top 11).


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  • TOP 10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Alicante

    Alicante Best Ice Creams Places Kasa25

    Alicante has traditionally been the cradle of ice cream, know-how that has passed from parents to children over many generations.
    In our land, jijonencos, ibenses, etc; have expanded our best traditions in all corners of Spain. Get to know the best ice cream shops in Alicante in the following article.
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  • TOP 10 Best Paella Restaurants in Alicante City

    Paella Alicante Mejores

    Rice is a fundamental part of Mediterranean cuisine, and very particular of Alicantinian cuisine.

    Alicante is famous for having the best rice dishes in Spain. The prestigious chef Ferrán Adriá has it clear "Alicante is undoubtedly the best province of Spain where you can eat". Here you will find the best restaurants to eat paella in Alicante capital city.


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  • TOP 10 Best Golf Courses in Alicante

    Best Golf Courses Alicante Kasa25

    The Costa Blanca Association of Golf Courses was created in 1992. Initially it was formed by the first clubs located in the province of Alicante.

    Today, we are a reference in the area not only for local players, but for all those groups and tour operators that send their best customers to the Costa Blanca, knowing the quality, price and climate that they will enjoy here.


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  • TOP 10 Best Hiking Routes in Alicante

    Best Hiking Routes in Alicante Kasa25

    Spring, autumn, and even the mild winters of "La Terreta" are ideal moments to enjoy nature and its many benefits in the body.

    Whether you are from Alicante or coming from abroad, this list of routes is for you. Most are simple routes, suitable for children. There are also some more complicated or more physically demanding, but equally essential for the beauty of its route and its landscapes.


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  • TOP 10 Best Coffee Shops in Alicante

    Best Cafeterias in Alicante Kasa25

    Spain is the nineteenth coffee consuming country in the world, with a consumption of 4.5 kilograms of coffee per person per year.
    Here we present some of the best coffee shops and coffee elaborations in Alicante.
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  • VIDEO: Costa Blanca, a Sea of Contrasts

    Costa Blanca Apartamentos Kasa25

    Kasa25 presents below the promotional video of Costa Blanca Tourism.

    The presentation features the exhibition of a promotional video directed by the director of San Vicente del Raspeig Adán Aliaga, who indicated that his purpose was to approach the "unknown" people who inhabit the province, the people "who feel and dream of the light of the Costa Blanca ».

    Sun, sea, mountain, gastronomy, traditions, culture, parties ... This and much more is Alicante.


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  • TOP 10 Best Restaurants in Alicante - Michelin Guide

    Restaurants Kasa25 Alicante

    Eating is one of the great pleasures that human beings experience.

    Therefore we show you some of the restaurants in the province of Alicante where you can find alicantinian cuisine, with fresh products and from the region.


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  • TOP 5 Best Wines from Alicante 2018

    Best Wines Alicante Kasa25

    The Alicante Tourism Center has celebrated the delivery of the ASPA / FASCV awards to the best Wines of Alicante PDO 2018.

    The contest has been organized by ASPA, Association of Sommeliers of the Province of Alicante, with the endorsement of FASCV, Federation of Associations of Sommeliers of the Valencian Community.


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  • TOP 10 Best Museums in Alicante

    Best Museums Alicante Kasa25

    The museums of Alicante are attractive and surprising to complete your experience in the city. You will find the one that most closely matches your tastes and if you come as a family, fun and adventure await you in several of them.


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  • TOP 10 Best Bays & Coves in Alicante

    Kasa25 Coast Bay Beach Alicante

    The province with the most blue flags in its beaches internationally offers privileged places to enjoy the sun without crowds.

    When we speak of Alicante as 'La millor terreta del món' it means talking about the Sun, tourism, gastronomy, coasts and traditions. It is to enjoy a perfect vacation in crystal clear waters and natural surroundings. Thanks to a coastline that extends over 218 kilometers of Mediterranean coast, 9 Natural Parks, 25 Nautical Club, 22 Golf Courses...

    In Alicante, the blue flag flies in 60 of its sandy areas, which makes it the Spanish province that has the highest number of that international distinction to quality. If you are one of the many tourists that travel to that land, take note of our recommendations of the best coves, beaches and bays.


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  • We Launch Blog!

    Kasa25 Blog

    In Kasa25, we release a corporate blog to tell you all the offers, promotions, news, tips and much more!

    We want you to be up to date with all our news, so we have created this space so that your search for holiday apartments in Alicante has an added plus all the information you need to know about our city and all the tips to make your trip perfect!

    Do not forget to visit our holiday rentals apartments, fully equipped and with their own personality.


    We wait you!

    Kasa25, your perfect stay in Alicante

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